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What To Expect When You Attend Real Life Church

Real People

We are a group of people who have discovered that we are not perfect, and yet, we are still accepted by a loving Father! We try to be warm, welcoming, and accepting of all who come to worship with us. We have some that dress in suits and dresses, others in casual shirts and pants, while others will wear their jeans and golf shirts. We leave with a desire to be used to bring pleasure to God as we reach out to others with His love.

Real Praise

We love to sing and give God praise. We believe that we were created for the purpose of praise, so we are determined to give our best. As talented musicians and gifted vocalists lead our worship, we experience a very real sense of the presence of God!

Real Preaching

We realize that God’s Word is still relevant and powerful today. Typically, a new series of messages are presented each month allowing us to dig deeper and remember longer what God might be saying to us. Each message is followed up with an opportunity to respond to what we have heard through prayer and ministry from others.